Sunday Runday

Today I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I honestly thought I should probably stay in bed all day..


Then I got a second wind and decided to get my butt out of bed and go for a run! Sunday’s have always been my “clear my head” kind of days.. and running does just that.  I don’t worry, I’m not stressed, all I feel and think about is running. And nature. Today was a great run– especially because I went a different way and it took me to WATER! Who doesn’t like running by water?!

Running + water + nature = best day ever


I never knew this was here! This was on the W&OD trail in Arlington, VA! WOW! I don’t have to go to Great Falls, VA to get my nature kick?! I’M IN!

Also, now that I’m back to running because it’s OH SO nice out.. I’m finally seeing progress from working out. Starting to feel like myself again 🙂 Have to keep telling myself –> Trust the process.

Happy Sunday!! 🙂


What did you do this Sunday? Sunday Funday? Or was it an active Sunday :)? 


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