Peek into the weekend

This weekend FLEW by! I don’t even remember Friday! Ha!

I watched House of Cards 🙂 since I’m finally on the new season ! YAY! This show has been very difficult for me to keep up with.   We have a love/hate relationship 😉

Saturday I ran a few miles then got ready for the day.  Randomly decided to go to Bonefish— which is always a great decision!


Bonefish- outfit!

Sunday started out with 10 miles! 🙂 IT WAS A GORGEOUS DAY! Therefore, I took advantage of it! I went on a trail which made it much more enjoyable because I got to soak in streams, people watching, and DOGS 🙂

Run - 10

To end the day.. my best friend made me a DIY project!! She’s the best! I’m am SO excited to find the perfect wall space to hang it!



I’m obsessed. It’s so me! I LOVE it!!!!

There’s my weekend in a nutshell !

How was your weekend? Anything new/fun?!


Random Post. Set. GO!

HI!!! I’ve been MIA, I know.

I was SUPER sick last week. Came out of NOWHERE! I guess I caught the stomach flu because I woke up at 6am Monday morning and .. well you know the rest if you know the stomach flu. 😦

But I’m back!! 🙂

And HEY guess what… the warm weather is upon us!!! HIKING WEATHER! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here is a little recap :

Food- brown eggs Food- breaky Breaky for me! Brown eggs with Flavor God (Garlic lovers) seasoning, with Goat Cheese and Turkey Bacon

Food- cucumber


Carissa- bff

Long overdue hangout sesh with my BFF. (We did a Makeup sesh and a bar in Reston to catch up)

Now it’s time to catch up on House of Cards 🙂

What did you do this weekend?

Fun Saturday

Saturday was so fun! I drove up to my mom’s house about an hour away to hang with her and go shopping! One of our fave things to do! Not only do we love shopping– we love FRUGAL shopping! Makes you feel so much better about the purchase! Ha!

Here are a few lovelyyyyy photos of me being a goofball/trying to be fashionable.

    Post15- outfit1

Post15- outfit2



Post15- outfit-back

Black bow top / Flower pants / Orange belt/ Flats/ Earrings/ Necklace

Biggest dork ever.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Much love!

xoxo ❤ Meag