Stay in Saturday


Anyone that knows me knows I have trouble “staying in” on a weekend day. I might say I want to all day long but when it comes to the time to go out (say 8 or 9pm- gives me time to get ready ;)) I will go out. 🙂 I have this thing called…. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).  Yikes! Sometimes it’s a good thing… well no. Most of the time when I should stay in for whatever reason, I should probably stay in. Butttttt, I want to hang out with people, friends, whomever! Get me out of my “work shell” ! Get work off my mind! SO, all this talk about my FOMO, I am staying in tonight! BOOM. Done.

I decided I’ll meal prep, paint my nails, and watch one of my favorite movies “Sweet Home Alabama.” ❤ The best. That’s a damn good Saturday night if you ask me!  I also want to go for a 8-10 mile run tomorrow which would be very difficult if I was hungover 🙂

So here’s to cooking my favorite veggies!

veggies    garlic coconut oil

I made cauliflower, yellow squash, onions, and a touch of garlic! Added a tablespoon of Organic Coconut oil to the pan as well.

Do you know how to peel your garlic the EASIEST way?! OMG. When I found this out. MIND BLOWN.

So it has the paper shells on it and you need to get to the garlic.  Lay the garlic on your cutting board with the curved side up. Then, take your chef’s knife and with one hand holding the knife handle, lay either flat side of the knife on top of the garlic clove. The garlic should be closer to the knife handle than the center of the blade.  With your free hand, slap/push the heel of your hand down and smash the side of the blade against the garlic clove. Voilà! The outer skin is magically detached from the clove, and you now have a perfectly peeled clove ready for chopping! WOO! Life gets a little easier 🙂

I also added coconut oil. SO good for you! Yes it is high fat but GOOD FAT. Don’t hate on the good fats in coconut oil.

Well, time to paint my nails !

Have a wonderful Saturday night!

❤ – Meag