Weekend Highlights :)

My weekend was full of adventure! 🙂

Let’s recap in pictures!!



Emoji 🙂


I dressed up as a UNICORN onesie for my work Halloween potluck… Not going to lie… I love that onesie.

IMG_8579 IMG_8580 IMG_8583

I had a little paint night with my bestest frainddddd … And I changed the look a few times. I wasn’t happy with it until I put GOLD on it!! YAY!!

IMG_8615  IMG_8624 IMG_8625 IMG_8631IMG_8629  IMG_8633  IMG_8650

LOVE this hike!!! It was a new one for me! (Rare!) And I had to keep going past the “Closed” & “Stop” signs (sorry trail popo) in order to get to THAT VIEW!! AMAZING!


After the hike on Sunday (and I ran 10 miles in the morning at a race!) I meal prepped for the week! Spaghetti squash, lean ground turkey, broccoli, and goat cheese on top! YUM!!! I’m sure my coworkers are getting the picture now of a day in my life in terms of lunches lol #spaghettisquasheverydamnday

Hope everyone had a great week!!

What did you do this weekend? Any fun plans for this week?!