Hi! I’m Meagan and welcome to Meag-a-Delish! I’m 25 years old living in Arlington, VA.  Grew up in good old Northern Virginia ALL my life 😉 After high school I ventured to Coastal Carolina in SC to get away from Virginia! Little did I know, I would make my way back to VA a year and a half later to graduate from Virginia Tech- with a Health and Nutrition degree!

This blog is to capture pieces of my positive, fun-loving, healthy living, fit life! With a splash of fashion in there as well! 🙂

Aside from my love for cooking simple healthy meals, I do love some fineeee dining- especially with WINE!


Dinner in Italy

So basically, this blog is going to kind of be a little bit of everything. Food, fitness, fashion, fffff… what else can I blog about that starts with F?  Funny moments? Those happen to me on a daily basis 😉 Not joking…


Great Falls, MD

Living so close to DC I do like to venture and explore a lot as well. Especially going to concerts!! So you may see some random blogs about that as well!


Tiesto concert

Anyways- fell free to email or comment! Thanks for reading!

Much love ! ❤



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