Back to the gym

Sooo I haven’t been to the gym since… last Monday. I’ve been super sick – coughing every 2 minutes, blowing my nose in between coughing, lost my voice for a couple of days.  Last week I tried to go on a walk, then started running because well… walking is boring. Well, running lasted 5 minutes until I couldn’t breathe or my nose was running. haha I know , probably TMI.

So today I felt like I could lift weights.  Well I sure did lift weights!! It was the best workout I feel like I’ve had in months! Could be due to the pre-workout C4 I took prior. I haven’t taken pre-workout in about 4 years!  Man was I energized!

My workout consisted of:

  • Leg Press – 120 lbs – til I couldn’t anymore (legs shaking)
  • Leg Extensions- 70 lbs – til my legs were burning beyond I could take it
  • Leg Adductors – 70 lbs – Reps: 10. Sets: 3
  • Split leg squats – w/ 2 12lb. dumbells- Reps: 15. Sets: 3
  • Rows: 60 lbs – Sets: 2 . Until I couldn’t anymore
  • Bicep curls: 12 lbs. – Reps: 15. Sets: 2
  • Tricep swing backs (is that what they’re called? haha): 12 lbs- Reps: 15. Sets: 2


Haha- thought this picture was funny 🙂 Lifting heavy DOES NOT make you huge/bulky. It takes many years for males to get that big with heavy weights and most likely steroids! Lift heavy ladies!!

I wanted to do legs and arms since I slacked last week.  It definitely made me sore and waddle down the stairs 😉 penguin style!


Hope you all had a great day!

❤ -Meag

What’s your favorite part of your body to workout? Legs, arms, abs, back?



Here it goes!

Hi all!!

Here it goes! My first blog post and many more to come! 🙂

So, I want this blog to be about health, nutrition, all around wellness, fitness, fashion, my real life experiences and happenings (aka my love for the outdoors, hiking, wineries, music festivals, traveling, etc.), & randomness will probably pop in here and there.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

LM music2



wine and cheese

Since I did major in Health and Nutrition, I know a fair amount about it but I am not a Dietitian.  I do plan on getting back into the field though soon.  I have been gluten free since 2007.  Found out when I had really bad eczema and the only thing the doctors knew to do was to give me steroids and creams and more medicine… all temporary fixes I found out. It was so bad it got to the point where my Dad was putting the cream on my back and I would wake up in the middle of the night just scratching til I bled. 😦

Then I went to a natural holistic doctor (don’t hate until you try it) who ran tests on me and told me I should go off gluten and dairy, according to the tests.  He said it would take about 3 weeks to tell if I was intolerant.  It took 2 days…   and here I am – no eczema. Unless I slip up or a restaurant tells me wrong — which is VERY EASY to do!


VT grad

On to fitness : I work out daily, so I’ll probably post routines I do whether it’s weights, cardio, yoga( I can teach!),  home video tapes, running outside (not a treadmill runner), and gym classes!

DC run

When it comes to fashion… I am all over the place.  You’ll probably see that’s kind of a pattern with my life and me liking routine then also liking to change it up A LOT.  I don’t have a particular style.. I don’t even know how to explain it.  You’ll see! 🙂

VT grad M

Graduating VT 2011


My best friend and I :)

St. Patty's Day :)






SO this is ME 🙂 My blog posts will probably get more … focused.. less random and sporadic but I just thought I’d give you a peak of who I am and who I’ve been the past few years and what I am passionate about.  Thanks for reading and comment about anything! 🙂


Much love ! xoxo

– Meag