Workout & Progress

Hi All!

So I’ve been focusing my 2017 on fitness. I lost some weight in December after having the stomach virus 4x in a row!!! AHHHH It was terrible. So I’ve been at the gym 5x/week lifting! I’m so excited to see some progress of muscle back in my arms and legs… it’s a process that you have to be patient with but keep at it and time will tell!!



Here’s your workout of the day:

  • Preacher curls : 4×15
  • Rear Delt raises : 4×10
  • Close Grip Bar Pull Down : 4×15
  • Smith Machine Rows : 4×12
  • Seated Ab Crunches : 50
  • DB Side Crunches : 50
  • Pull Ups : 2×15
  • Tricep Kick Backs: 4×12


Have a great Sunday! 🙂