Weekend Recap- Visit to Grandpa’s!

This weekend was a fun one! My mom and I traveled down to Hertford, NC on Friday to visit my Grandpa and his wife Nancy.  They live on a plantation in Hertford right on the water! 🙂 It was so relaxing and beautiful! Here are some pictures to recap!

Grandpasvisit- salmondinn

Brown sugar Salmon, Rosemary potatoes, & Steamed Asparagus for dinner


Grandpa’s backyard


Grandpa’s old Pontoon boat he sold to his neighbor


Breakfast on Saturday morning. 2 over easy eggs, bacon and tomatoes with basil ! YUM

Grandpasvisit-dogDaisy the cutest pup! She likes to lick my face 😛


Black dress from Lulu’s – similar


Mom said – “We need a group picture!”

Grandpa said – “We should take a selfie!”


Grandpasvisit-salad Grandpasvisit-TheTable Grandpasvisit-Thetablemenu

The Table was delicious! It had a 2 page menu that had many different options. The salad above was only HALF of the salad my mom got. HUGE! Then we got entrees, then dessert 🙂 I got the chicken and it was on point. It was a smaller venue but I think it was because they are testing the location out before putting in a permanent restaurant. Go check it out if you’re in town!

This sums up my trip to NC to visit family and have a fun weekend away. I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!


– Meag


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