Gluten Free Alcohol

Hi All!


So this post is a bit out of the ordinary.  However, I thought it would be something people need to know or want to know for maybe a friend that is gluten-free!

I’ve been allergic to gluten now since 2007 ( EIGHT YEARS! HOLY CRAP!) — at least that’s when I stopped eating gluten because it helped all of my health symptoms.

gluten free

Since in 2007 I was still in college, I did a lot of research on what the hell I could drink if I couldn’t consume beer! Ah! So, wine is made from grapes so therefore I was good to go on that. However, sometimes I don’t want a darn headache in the morning just from 2 glasses of wine! Next would be… hard alcohol. Which ones are gluten free?

Research articles said that even though many of the liquors are made of grains (wheat, barley and rye) they are distilled so many times that it takes the grain protein out that creates the allergic reaction. I’m sure some brands are different than others though.

I’ve never had any problems with Vodka made of grains…. until NOW!

I’m not sure if I’m becoming more sensitive or that I just never noticed the effects but I bought an off-brand of vodka and drank 2 drinks of it. The next morning my face was as round as a PUMPKIN!!! SO SWOLLEN and my stomach was burning!!!!!!!  SO MUCH PAIN!

This link is a list of vodka brands that are made of potatoes, corn, and grapes.  I believe everyone has their own sensitivity with gluten.  So, just please be careful.  No one wants too look like a swollen balloon in the morning. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Do you have any reactions to alcohol and which ones in particular?

Any tips on finding a cure to Celiacs!?! PLEASE! haha


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