Weekend in a nutshell

Friday was sooooo difficult to get through energy wise. I was exhausted!

1- outfit

Casual Friday outfit 🙂

I worked 2 jobs and was ready for BED afterwards! I decided to stay in and finish “True Detective” show with the boy and I cried my eyes out! AH! It was so good!! I definitely recommend it.

Saturday started with the gym! 🙂 WOOOOO but it took A LOT to push myself through the pain.


This gym has a smoothie bar which has this DELISH smoothie made of : bananas(of course), pineapple, spinach, protein powder, LEMON, and something else that I need to ask them about because holy crap I am addicted.

We were supposed to do Taste of DC but it was raining and didn’t feel like rushing so we decided on a winery day instead.  Well I failed on that. There are zero wineries near Arlington, VA.  So a Wine Bar sufficed. Grand Cru Wine Bar was AMAZING! Great wine, amazing cheese, incredible service and a bartender that knew his stuff 🙂 Very satisfied.

 1-cheese 1-A wine

Then we went to Bonefish Grill for dinn dinn. WHOA!!!!! Bang bang shrimp is to die for. I couldn’t decide between the Rainbow Trout and Tilapia stuffed with shrimp, crab, scallops….. I got the Tilapia. Great decision. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM. (Can I say yum some more?) I need it again. Best date night ever.

Sunday Footba…… no– a hike first please.

1-tree 1-walkway

Then we went to Trader Joe’s (my all time fave store) to pick up some dinner items. Ground turkey, broc + cauliflower, sweet potatoes.

While I cooked, the bf watched football 🙂 Perfectly ok with that.

That’ssssssss a wrap! 🙂

Much love xoxo,

<3- Meag


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