Weekend @ Home!

I was finally at home this weekend! No traveling for this girl! 🙂 As much as I loveeeee traveling (preferably by plane) I definitely love being home.

I didn’t get many pictures this weekend. Well… because I didn’t do much! Ha! I stayed in Friday evening with A and watched True Detective. I must say, it is quite intriguing. Matthew Mcconaughey? Must I say more? 😉
Saturday morning started out with a quick 2.5 mile run and then got ready to go to an Oktoberfest with friends. A and I ended up staying in Saturday night as well. So rare for us!

Sunday Sunday Sunday. Phew! I’m worn out!

I ran 5 miles around Arlington…. the weather has changed back to SUMMER!!!!! NOOOOOOOO! I struggled hardcore through my run. I need it to go back to Fall weather 🙂
Then I waited for my Pops to come to my apartment to go “hiking.” Little did he know I decided we should go somewhere new! Roosevelt Island here we come!




Well this weekend was nice and relaxing but also active!! 🙂 Next weekend I want to go to a Pumpkin Patch or something Fall-like !!  Have a great week!




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