Eastern vs. Western Medicine

I am not the biggest fan of western medication. I like to find lifestyle solutions or eastern medicine when in desperate need, but I am very thankful for western medicine’s ability to control many diseases and pains. Sometimes you have to weigh the risks and benefits. I really do hate taking pills in order to feel better. I used to pop advil like candy when I felt an ache or pain. Now I evaluate what hurts, why it could be hurting, when it started, etc… then take the alternative medicine route prior to anything else.

This has worked for me ever since I started thinking of natural ways to heal… however, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s where either I have to find the cause and fix it(which may take A LOT of time), deal with the pain, or … dun dun dun… use western medicine.

So the reason for this post is I have had some pain that will not go away unless I take medicine right away.  THANK GOODNESS for western medicine. (Never thought that would ever come out of my mouth).  Although I’ve dealt with this for awhile now; I am hopeful that me going to my Acupuncturist may cure not only my stomach issues but other pains as well.  It’s balancing out my body so why can’t it balance everything at once? I think it’ll work!


Well that’s my short take on both sides of medicine.  I could go on and on though 😛

Happy Tuesday! Short work weeks are the best ! 🙂


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