Daily thoughts: Grapefruit

Today was a great day! Work was amazing… Who can say that on a daily basis?! I definitely don’t! But today was AMAZING. SO HAPPY.

I was thinking today while I ate my grapefruit.. how most people cut it in half, cut around the edge then cut each triangle.  At least that’s what I used to do.  Then I learned a grapefruit is so very similar to an orange.  Why do we eat a grapefruit differently than an orange? Why do we eat the “white parts” of an orange?


ME ME I KNOW! Pick me!!! 🙂

The white part has all the fiber in it! It has all the vitamin c and antioxidants and bioflavinoids.  So I eat a grapefruit kind of like an orange. I peel it then slice it in half.  Then slice the sections up like an orange, then cut the sections in half to make it easier to eat!

I love it! You should really try it!

Has anyone ever tried broiling a grapefruit? I want to but just never have! Let me know if you try this! 🙂


Much Love ❤



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