Back to the gym

Sooo I haven’t been to the gym since… last Monday. I’ve been super sick – coughing every 2 minutes, blowing my nose in between coughing, lost my voice for a couple of days.  Last week I tried to go on a walk, then started running because well… walking is boring. Well, running lasted 5 minutes until I couldn’t breathe or my nose was running. haha I know , probably TMI.

So today I felt like I could lift weights.  Well I sure did lift weights!! It was the best workout I feel like I’ve had in months! Could be due to the pre-workout C4 I took prior. I haven’t taken pre-workout in about 4 years!  Man was I energized!

My workout consisted of:

  • Leg Press – 120 lbs – til I couldn’t anymore (legs shaking)
  • Leg Extensions- 70 lbs – til my legs were burning beyond I could take it
  • Leg Adductors – 70 lbs – Reps: 10. Sets: 3
  • Split leg squats – w/ 2 12lb. dumbells- Reps: 15. Sets: 3
  • Rows: 60 lbs – Sets: 2 . Until I couldn’t anymore
  • Bicep curls: 12 lbs. – Reps: 15. Sets: 2
  • Tricep swing backs (is that what they’re called? haha): 12 lbs- Reps: 15. Sets: 2


Haha- thought this picture was funny 🙂 Lifting heavy DOES NOT make you huge/bulky. It takes many years for males to get that big with heavy weights and most likely steroids! Lift heavy ladies!!

I wanted to do legs and arms since I slacked last week.  It definitely made me sore and waddle down the stairs 😉 penguin style!


Hope you all had a great day!

❤ -Meag

What’s your favorite part of your body to workout? Legs, arms, abs, back?



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